How we began…

From the darkest reaches of Cannock Chase amongst the fierce forest creatures armed with only a set of binoculars and a trusty GPS came two mighty explorers in search of Gruffalo and Deer. Endless days we explored our local trails and fire roads on our trusty MTB and Wee ride combo, memories and moments to treasure forever.

Hi I’m Sean, me and my son Joshua have been on our bikes together for about 2 years now, considering Josh is only three that’s a long time. We’d often meet other families on our adventures and so I thought i’d start a facebook group to see if their was anyone else who enjoyed the outdoor life as much as we did? And so Wee-Riders UK was born. It gained members slowly, we held a few competitions, a few meet ups and it became a place where parents could feel safe in sharing their own adventures.

We soon grew into a nice little community, sharing knowledge and advice amongst each other all with the same goal to get our children out on their bikes as a family. One such family were the Sellars boys and their father Darren, it soon became apparent that Darren had as much passion as me, more even, to enjoy the quality family time biking brings. And so i welcomed him on board to help run this little group.

It was about this time we became ‘Little Rippers‘. Which seemed to fit our group perfectly as we had a varied range of children on board now, from highly skilled downhillers to tiny little ones just starting on their balance bikes.

I’m very proud of what we have achieved so far in such a short space of time. The team is ever growing, with Matt on board with the retail and web site side of things. Laura looking after our Scottish kids along with her husband  Scott with the awesome Sender Ramps. All our Mods keeping the groups safe and well oiled, Paul, Coops, James, Beccii, Jess, Kaz, Gary, Lorren and our amazing Coach Leader Chris.

One big happy family, keeping other families going strong outdoors x