Little Rippers in Education

Little Rippers in Education

Little Rippers Coaching Sessions are already a hit in the education sector.

How it works

We bring the Obstacles to an area of your choice. We run sessions tailored to ability for your pupils, with a focus on fun.  We set up the park and take a small amount of kids for a 40 – 60 minute session, where they might be learning to scoot, pedalling their first few metres or just hitting their first ramp (that lesson is about gravity! Honest!).

What will your Rippers learn?

We build into the sessions some key aspects of the curriculum to help tie the session back into their work. For instance, a Little Rippers session acts as a bit of variety in a PE year plan, as a great way to teach safety principles to kids, an introduction to nutrition and fitness. First and foremost though, they’re just good fun.

Our sessions incorporate our key values into each and every one; if the sessions are fun, we know the little ones will want more. Skills and Confidence are key to a Rippers first piece of air over our smaller ramps, while by teaching the bigger kids how to size up a big ramp or a new feature on a trail, we’re teaching the skills to stay safe.

What do we need?

All you need to provide is some grassy space and a bunch of enthusiastic kids! We bring the ramps, the obstacles, the coaches and the excitement to get them onto the features and learning new skills.

How do we find out more?

Its as simple as dropping us an email on or filling out the form at We will then get in touch to talk about how we bring the fun to your facility.