Our Mission Statement

Our Mission statement

We aim to teach kids to enjoy mountain biking through progressive coaching without removing the fun from our sessions. In addition we will build an understanding of safety issues without becoming boring.

We do this through our key values. These are key areas in our sessions, that we all observe, strive to keep in the heart of a session and use to help bring rippers to their full capability.

Our Key Values


Every little rippers session has fun at its core. What’s more fun that riding a variety of terrain or obstacles? Our partnership with Sender Ramps means we have bespoke equipment intended to challenge whilst still bringing a smile to little faces.


The word safety is in our logo and tagline for a reason, because we never forget our responsibility to teach rippers how to enjoy activities safely. We might not tell them we’re teaching them risk analysis, but every time they scope out a slightly bigger ramp, that’s just one of the behaviours they will learn from us.


At the very core of our offering is the ability to learn, to improve. A lesson with Little Rippers isn’t a lesson without some progression. From our tailored sessions to an open ramp jam at a MTB festival, we aim to help rippers progress every time we see them. There’s nothing more satisfying than that ‘Did I just complete that obstacle?’ grin on a rippers face.


The final value is that of confidence. Every child leaving a little rippers session should feel more confident that when they left and if we’ve nailed the three values above, then they will. They’ll trust their own abilities to ride, to tackle obstacles and dare we say it, to tackle life in general. Our sessions are social affairs, with plenty of opportunity to encourage those around them, to show off new found skills and help others with theirs.