What is Little Rippers?

What is Little Rippers?

Little Rippers is a social media tribe, a network of parents who want to get kids into the great outdoors to have fun. We’re bike focussed, but we love a snowboard as much as conkers and we adore kicking piles of leaves about. Read on, you’ll see we’re about so much more thank just bikes (though we do love our bikes. Did we mention that?)

What do we do?

We inspire kids through a love of activities, from just plain getting out there, to trail centres with specific tracks to building ramps and jump parks.

If it can be done, we’ll try it.

We run meets at trail centres where we regularly scope out tracks for balance bikes and reds for the bigger kids. That’s us included. We often meet at more urban facilities, like Leeds Urban bike park, or skate parks for BMX jams.

We take a bunch of our own Little Rippers and the Sender Ramps Jump Park to events across the country where we spread the word. We demo what can be done with a few pieces of equipment and a kid who wants to have fun with our coaching sessions and we set up a fairly gnarly park for the bigger rippers! Don’t worry, there is always an easy line for the smaller kids, even those on balance bikes.

We also use the ramps for our bespoke training sessions at schools, so enquire about one for your primary school.  We tailor our lessons to sit well against the curriculum, with a focus on activities, fitness, outdoor sports, nutrition and just having fun!

We can host the same jumps and obstacles at birthday parties, if you’ve got the space, we’ll bring the air.