Who are we?

Who are we?

We started out as two, but we’ve grown to thousands. Josh and Sean had a dream and with the help of a dedicated team of helpers, Little Rippers is fast becoming a great source of advice for parents, of news and info on events to do with your rippers, of inspiration for all. If you need advice on kit for your ripper, ask in the Facebook group. If you need to source some new threads, check our shop first. If you want to attend an event, or even organise one near you, check into the closed Facebook group and just ask away.

Who are our Coaches?


Darren is a MIAS trained coach, with lots of enthusiasm. In two years with his boys James and Frankie, he took them from their first bikes to MTB monsters, regularly riding reds at trail centres and shredding the Ramp Park that we take to shows. Now he’s eager to coach Little Rippers everywhere how to ride features, jump gaps and increase their all round riding skills.

Chris K

Chris is MIAS and BC trained to a very high level. His technical knowledge knows no boundaries, but he loves all levels of coaching, starting with the very littlest of Rippers. He has run his own coaching business Whoosh MTB at trail centres around the north for a number of years; chances are you’ll have met him or crossed paths with him. But now he works with us to give kids skills to ride and the confidence to improve, every session.